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6 Questions to Ask Your Dermatologist

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6 Questions to Ask Your Dermatologist

You might have only one reason for seeing a dermatologist, but you might also want to make the most out of a visit. If you go in with the right questions, you can come out with a better idea of how to take care of your skin and live more healthily. This, to many patients, would be invaluable. It starts with 6 questions to ask your dermatologist.

What typically causes skin conditions?

There could be a number of causes behind a skin condition. Many of these potential causes are lifestyle factors. For example, your work could be causing acne outbreaks if the stress level there is high. If this is the case, then a topical treatment won’t be enough to treat the acne.

You might also be having hormonal changes or issues with hygiene. These can significantly affect your skin’s health and appearance, but you won’t find out unless you ask the doctor about it. There are many different factors involved, and they vary from patient to patient.

How could my diet be affecting my skin condition?

Any product we consume will affect our health, whether it’s by ingestion, or even topically with a skincare cream. Healthy skin needs a healthy diet. Fast foods or food with high sugar, salt, or trans fat can adversely affect the health of our skin. Instead, a diet packed full of vegetables, oily fish, olive oil, and whole grains is recommended.

During an appointment with a dermatologist, be transparent about your diet. The doctor will offer advice about changing your diet to improve your skin.

What skincare products should I use?

Different skin types require different skincare products. A dermatologist can help you determine your specific skin type. This can be difficult to determine on your own, but it’s important because some products just won’t benefit certain skin types, while others will. Only a dermatologist can answer this question for you.

What are the latest skin treatments available?

Here at Bella Dermatology, we maintain the most modern equipment to help us treat our patients. For example, we are able to offer laser treatments and peels which can have amazing results. Since the technology and tools are changing all the time, ask us what has changed recently. You might be pleasantly surprised!

How should I monitor my skin condition?

This is a pretty obvious question, but the answer won’t be so obvious. It’s not quite as simple as looking into the mirror and checking out your skin. You have to know what to look for. Look for any abnormalities in your skin’s condition, like redness or dryness. Also, take a good look at your moles to see if they have changed at all.

Moles can be an early detection indicator of melanoma skin cancer. The dermatologist can look at your moles for you, but he or she can also teach you how to give yourself a checkup. Here at Bella Dermatology, we can also tell you about the warning signs to look out for.

Which areas of my skin would you consider problem spots?

This is an excellent question to ask a dermatologist. It really depends on the individual. The face almost always requires attention, especially considering that it receives the most sun exposure. Other parts of your body, like your legs, elbows, knees, ankles, neck, and back, can be difficult to self-examine. However, a dermatologist can do a thorough examination. You might think your skin is perfectly healthy, but it never hurts to get an expert’s point of view.

Now you know what questions to ask a dermatologist! If you’d like a different perspective on your skin’s health and to get a consultation, reach out to us at Bella Dermatology. Call us today at (678) 909-1420. We can take your call Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 5 pm. We look forward to helping you take the best care of your skin!